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Data-driven Cloud Native Applications

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Data as foundation. Collect, Transform, and Act.


Mobile first Applications that present actionable data.


Extract insights from qualified data through Data Science.


Apply scalable actions through Machine/Deep Learning and Blockchain.

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Supercharge Your Data and Deliver Value through Cloud Native Applications

Build data pipelines that respond to market changes and expose data through high performance mobile first applications.

Mobile First

Scalable APIs to serve real-time data

Architect, Develop, and Deploy massively scalable APIs leveraging abstractions in Cloud technologies that address requirements of real-time data. Respond to changes in markets much faster to build a competitive edge.

Data Foundation

Data pipelines that collect, transform, and act

Our principles in "programming is about transforming data" since the mid 1980s, we believe that Cloud technologies provide the bed to collect, transform, and seamlessly act on data like never before. We help leverage data through Data Science for insights, Machine/Deep Learning for actions/automation to increase competitiveness.

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We strive to simplify the transformation into an Adaptive Enterprise for our Clients

Our goal is to be an extension to our Clients through their journey with three key outcomes.

Cloud Native

Develop Architectures and Applications that adapt to market changes leveraging Cloud technologies.

Insights and Automation

Extract insights and develop automation through Data Science, Machine/Deep Learning.

Increased Revenue

Position our Clients to respond to increasing rate of change in the market.

The Adaptive Enterprise

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